Moving to Colorado?

It’s something we’ve dreamed of since we met: living in the mountains. We always felt like our time in Nashville was a stepping stone to getting to our dream and last October, the opportunity came available. Chris’ contract ended in December and we knew it was happening in October so we started looking for opportunities elsewhere. To say this time has been stressful is a complete understatement.

Finally after Christmas, he accepted a job in Colorado Springs. We flew out to find a rent house, knowing that we wanted to explore the city before we bought. Little did we know, the rental market is insane in the Springs and no one wanted to deal with our animals SO, we regrouped, came home and decided to buy.

In the meantime, the girls and I headed to Texas and Chris headed to Colorado. We moved in with family and tried our best to maintain some normal while in Limbo. Our time in Texas has been amazing . . . and hard. We lost one of our dogs to cancer while we were here, Fi had to have a tooth pulled, and I on more than one occasion have been extremely behind on work.

After looking at houses, losing one to major repairs, we finally found a house that we think will be perfect for our little family. It’s in the foothills and in a great location. We can see the mountains from our front window! It needs a few things done here and there but we are excited to make this our Colorado house.