Colorado House Tour

Ready to see our house?

The Plan:

  • Re-do Kitchen. We will save some cabinets, but the rest? Yuck
  • Bathroom upstairs is not bad. Just needs new floors and hardware
  • Laundry Walk Through: Switch to stacked washer and dryer. Add shelving and move the dog cage there.
  • Backyard: debating sod or astroturf for one side of the yard. Get a chicken coup. Put girls playhouse together. Flowers.
  • Do it all ourselves because $$$$

Stay Tuned!

Journey to Colorado

It’s been such a ride! What was supposed to be an easy move, quickly turned into one of the hardest things we have ever done. I drove by myself from Texas to Colorado with the wind blowing so hard I could barely drive the speed limit! It was insane!

Now, let me tell you about where we landed. While I was in Texas, Chris searched for a house in CO. We Facetimed through each house he looked at. I can’t tell you how weird it was to buy a house I’ve never seen in person! The first house we put an offer on, we were in love with. However, during inspection, we learned the house had major not coming back from it flaws. So we searched on and fell in love with this beauty:

I call it the Green House on the Hill.

Built in 1971, she’s had a few owners who have tried to pretty her up and while she doesn’t look too bad on the inside, there are some things we are changing.

Driving up to my home that I’ve never seen in a town I’ve never driven in was surreal. I had so many fears. I mean, what if I walked in and hated it? Can you imagine? But that wasn’t the case. I walked in and fell in love. I love the charm and we’ve never lived in a house with rooms, always open concept. The best part? The view.

More on the house and our plans for her coming soon!